Multimedia critiques

We will talk about what makes a good story. Your reading will help as well, so make sure you are keeping up.

We will be working on how to assess good multimedia presentations.

Click through to Comparing “Beastquakes.” Work in pairs and look at all of these – how are they presented? What is the same? What is different? TV, radio, and newspapers are represented.

Copy and paste the text below onto YOUR site, answer the questions, and then copy the link into the comments for Comparing Beastquakes. 

Which of the 7 pieces do you think did the best job of telling this story? Think about all of the “modalities” present.  Then for that piece you thought did a good job – look at the following questions and answer:

Which company?: 

Content Modes:

  1. Text (captions only or paragraphs?)
  2. Still images (how many?):
  3. Recorded sound (that is not part of a video) (how many and how long?):
  4. Moving images (video) (how many and how long?):
  5. Graphics (how many and are they interactive?):
  6. Links (how many?):

Content Formats:

  • Video (just write in yes or no)
  • Audio+adjacent images
  • Audio slideshows
  • Interactives
  • Other (what would you call this?):

Which piece of this presentation is the most compelling? Why?

In general is this a way you like to take in information?

What is your overall assessment of this story and how it is presented? Think of other things that might hold your attention – that you learn from without thinking about learning.