Analyzing Multimedia

Choose any story from this list of 2013 NPPA Multimedia Winners or take a look at the monthly winners so far and choose from there. Monthly MM Clips. Please choose a different story from the other students who posted before you did.

Read both Kern, Chapter 6, and Kobre, Chapter 12 before  you view the multimedia.

NOTE: be sure to select a STORY with AUDIO.

In a post on your blog, do all of the following:

  1. Provide the title of the story, and make the title a direct link to the main story page.
  2. Summarize the story (do not copy/paste anything; use your own words).
  3. Tell how the story made you feel as you watched and listened to it.
  4. Discuss the images (specify they are video or stills or both). You may compare them to images from some other visual media; for example, are they cinematic? Are they like print news images? Are they like TV news images?
  5. Discuss the audio – both its content and the way it contributes to the story.
  6. Separately, discuss the use of natural sound in the story.

Requirements for this analysis

  1. The length must be 300 to 500 words.
  2. Write intelligently so that a prospective employer, reading your post, will think you are smart and interesting.
  3. Write an appropriate and interesting headline for this post
  4. After you publish your post on your won blog, copy the URL of the post age and paste it in the comments section of this assignment.

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