Audio Workshop

First we are going to practice on Audition. If you want to use a different audio editor to complete the assignment, that is fine — Audacity, Garageband…plus there are some that are apps for devices. It just has to produce a file that can be uploaded to SoundCloud or AudioBoom for linking within your own site.

Please navigate to the shared Dropbox and download the Hobby Practice File (or download from this link). The download should land in your downloads folder on the desk computer.

Open Adobe Audition on your computer. Here is a great little tutorial to help you as you start in. Adobe Audition. He gives you the basics starting at about 2:15 and walks through how to edit easily.

We are going to edit this silly piece of audio (Hobby) for some work today so you can then interview your teammates and edit it for homework.

Listen to the three interviews here – cut the whole thing down to 2 mins (from 7) as best you can.

HOUR TWO – the interviews!

Here’s the audio assignment (it’s also under assignments) for homework.

Now you will interview your group to gather the audio.

These are the details for the in-class portion:

Audio Assignment (60 points)

You will interview those in your group for this assignment – during class. There will be a set of questions to choose from, so don’t worry too much about the topics.

  1. Recording: Use one smart phone or one of the recorders from the library. Make sure you know how to use the voice recorder. Test it out – before you do the actual interview try a few tests so you can check the quality.
  2. The Interview:

    Use the questions provided to get a sense of your classmates – take turns so that everyone has a chance.

    One person be interviewer, one interviewee and then pass the recorder on – running – and go to the next.

    Do the best you can to get a few stories out of them, but don’t let the time go for more than about 3-5 mins each. It might be good to assign a timer.

    Listen purposefully to what they are saying and ask good follow-ups questions. Sometimes it’s as easy as saying “tell me more about that.”

    When finished, load that big file to the You all have access, so you should be able to download that file.

    Decide who will edit whom in your group.


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