Every Stop a Story – #2 – May 15@midnight

Same drill – post the link to your piece in the comments.


29 thoughts on “Every Stop a Story – #2 – May 15@midnight”

    1. Really good audio here. It’s clear, concise, and gives a good history of the artist. I wish it was a bit longer to include more about the actual business – how long it’s been there, most popular designs, etc. But all around it’s really good. The biggest thing here is that its really clear and also really interesting. It’s a fun story that is told here. I feel like you really get the personality of Carr here.


    1. Duckie,
      I can tell you had great shots but the pictures are so small, even when I click on them so they need to be enlarged. I would also be sure to add captions onto your photos, I didn’t see any. I do like how the photos are laid out on your site, it’ll be even better once you can click on the photo and it becomes enlarged.


    2. Pretty good stuff here. Some of the photos look like they were taken from pretty far away, and there are some photos with poles in center of them, sort of obstructing the photos. But the lighting is good, and the angles are good. There is good variety here.


    1. Manola,
      I really love the content of your photo story. I think you had great shots and angles. I really like the captions that you included to you photos, it makes it even more interesting to look at the pictures. I personally really like how you explained that artist have to tattoo themselves in order to tattoo others and then I like how you included the tattoo he did on himself. I think it would be interesting since you mentioned Sasha the owner if you could include a picture of her.

      Good job,
      Kailey Sommerdorf


    1. John – I can’t get to your comments area on your site, but this needs a map or something to show where “Rainier Beach” is — compared to the whole city.


  1. the above audio track is the wrong one however the finished one is saved on the librry computer I just had difficulty getting it from premier to soundcloud the second time around. I just waned to post this and explain the actual one will be posted when the library opens tomorrow.


    1. Whitney,
      The audio was super clear and the volume was consistent throughout the entire piece. I would try and cut the interview down to 2 minutes. Dr. A suggest I do the same with my piece. I would be sure to include an image of the man speaking for the audio as well as a description for readers as to what we are listening to and who he is. There is also one part where we can hear your voice, be sure to cut that out.

      Overall good audio piece!


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