Every Stop a Story – Deadline #1 – May 8@midnight

Please post a link to your story in the comments below. When we click through we should land on what you want the audience to see in your work — if your part is text, it’s just the text, if your part is audio – just the audio (embedded Soundcloud, or file), video – just the video story (with audio elements of course – not a silent movie). If an info-graphic…..

You get the idea. Clearly, when these get posted to the ESAS.us site you will put them into a nice package, but right now we just need to see your work as stand-alone.


30 thoughts on “Every Stop a Story – Deadline #1 – May 8@midnight”

    1. Couldn’t find the source for the information, and the bar graph could have been larger/had its own section. However, the lettering was clear and the readability of the infographic flowed smoothly – it was easy to follow because of the three sections.


    2. Debby,
      Great job incorporating the different pieces in the museum into your photo gallery. Our only suggestion is to include people into your shots to add variety (such as people walking throughout the museum, stopping to look at photos, etc). Also, if you could add some shots from different angles (wide shot of the museum interior, super close shot, low shot, etc.) it would add a nice variety to the photo gallery. Overall, your photos are a beautiful portrayal of the African American Museum.


    1. Eppy,
      The lighting in your photos was great and you got lots of interesting angles. My favorite photo was the one you took below the violins that were hanging from the ceiling. I would be sure to add captions with fun facts about photos etc. Also, I would cut out the photos of the violinists hands. I would just capture his hands actually playing the violin. I would also be sure to crop out unnecessary stuff from photos like the chair that’s in the photo of the violin.


    1. Janel,

      We loved your video. I enjoyed the background music of the violin when the video began. You also had good cutaways. There was one awkward transition at 1:32 where you cut from the violin to him talking. I think if you cut a bit out of him talking it will make the video more to the point, he’s kind of a slow talker so it feels like its dragged out a bit. Also, the audio could be a bit clearer. Overall, great video though.

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    1. I like this inforgaph a lot Kat. I like the visual that you used as well as showing us what the different parts are of the violin. I feel like you could feel in more of the blank areas with some more statistics or facts on violins to make it even more exciting!


    1. Vary focal length more, and steer away from jarring and quick transitions. The “thank you for visiting” at the end of the video made it seem like an advertisement.
      Good job getting people in action!


    1. Kailey,
      Your information clearly displays a nice set of facts about museums. Aesthetically, there is a lot of blank space and there could be some texture added to make it stand out, through different colors or added graphics. Although the infographic tells a lot of facts about Museums in general, it doesn’t directly link to the African American Museum story. Perhaps you could have some information on museums in general, then add another section with facts of the particular African American museum as well. Nice job on the infographic overall!


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