Bootcamp Assignments

Stories Along-the-Way Assignments

The First Step – Windshield Survey

Story Details & Specifics for text, photo, audio, video, info-graphics (the links for comment are on the main page).

  • Each group member must do one of each story type (text story, audio story, photo gallery, video, info-graphic) for weeks 5-10 of the quarter. Each story (whatever the format) will be due on Sunday night at midnight. (120 points each = 600). These might be somewhat negotiable depending on skills. For instance, if someone in the group has some coding skills and would like to do something special for the whole project, it will be considered. Likewise, if someone has some great design skills and wants to do a class t-shirt, that is also a possibility. 

Individual Essay on Group Success

 Grade Scale

A         940 – 1000                                           C         736 – 769

A-        906 – 939                                           C-        702 – 735

B+       872 – 905                                            D+       668 – 701

B         838 – 871                                             D         634 – 667

B-        804 – 837                                           D-        600 – 633

C+       770 – 803                                             F          599 or below


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