Final Presentation and Responses

On June 9th (finals day – 8am) be prepared with the following:

One member of your group will introduce everyone and give a general overview of your route – think about adjectives that help. Don’t spend more than a minute on this and then have each member introduce a piece of your segment of the site. Decide how this will go, in what order, and how to do it professionally before class on the 9th – don’t just wing it – practice. Remember you’re in front of professionals – be professional! 

Once you have shown your stories, I would like you to share one thing from the following questions and answers – please write these out, print them and hand them to me at the end of class. Each should be about a paragraph.

  1. What story or process of doing the story brought you the most joy?
  2. What was the most challenging part of doing these stories? DO NOT talk about fitting it in around classes or others’ schedules — all of these professionals know about deadlines — rather concentrate on what was the biggest hurdle? What was scary?
  3. In what way were you stretched? How did you grow? Please tell me about one thing that was team-related and one thing that was personal?

Each person should talk about one of these in the presentation. Just a couple of sentences – the panel will want to hear about what you learned, what was fun, what was hard. 


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