Blog Post #1

In this blog post, publish your notes from Deuze’s What is Multimedia Journalism and the introduction to Achterman’s Multimedia in the Mainstream (Intro & Definitions). You may also refer to the Wikipedia entry for Multimedia. Your notes must appear in the form of two (2) numbered lists, one for each reading. Write a brief statement above each list to explain or summarize that list.

This is a standard blog post – just like you might see in a review of a book or product. The idea is to highlight or capture the ideas or information that resonated most strongly with you, in a format that other people might find interesting to read. If you want to seek out and add links that prove a point in the readings – that is a nice addition – but not required

The list is not meant to represent everything in the readings. It should represent what was most meaningful to YOU. Thus each student’s list will likely be different. Here is an example from a different course (that also uses one of our texts).

Requirements for your list items

  1. Write each note as a complete and grammatically correct sentence (or sentences).
  2. Include the relevant page number(s) from the reading with each individual item.
  3. Do not quote from or paraphrase  (you may quote a phrase of a few words, but do not reproduce whole sentences). Think for yourself. Process the idea and say it in your own words. Be brief. Be clear. Write well.
  4. Don’t list anything you consider totally obvious — but you may list things that we cover in class.

Requirements for your blog post

  1. The length must be (minimum) 200 to (maximum) 500 words.
  2. Write intelligently so that a prospective employer, reading your post, will think you are smart and attentive.
  3. Write an appropriate and interesting headline for your blog post.
  4. After you publish your blog post ON YOUR OWN SITE, copy the URL of your post page and paste it in a COMMENT to this post, here, on this blog. If you paste a complete URL on a line by itself, it will automatically become a working link. That is what I want.

Please refer to the criteria and grading on Blog Posts on the Assignment page as well.

Deadline: January 12@midnight (late night on Monday)