Every Stop a Story – Deadline #5 – June 5@midnight

This is the last one and you still must link, but we should be well on the way to finalizing all parts of the ESAS site by then.


Every Stop a Story – Deadline #1 – May 8@midnight

Please post a link to your story in the comments below. When we click through we should land on what you want the audience to see in your work — if your part is text, it’s just the text, if your part is audio – just the audio (embedded Soundcloud, or file), video – just the video story (with audio elements of course – not a silent movie). If an info-graphic…..

You get the idea. Clearly, when these get posted to the ESAS.us site you will put them into a nice package, but right now we just need to see your work as stand-alone.

WordPress Assignment

WP assignment — this shouldn’t take you much time. When you transferred your .com to .org, your stuff should have come right along with it. There are a couple of settings to change just to make things easier. This one will also be due Sunday night, April 24 – just to be consistent.

Please simply make sure the navigation to your material is very clear — as if I was looking from the outside (because I am)!