Every Stop a Story – Deadline #1 – May 8@midnight

Please post a link to your story in the comments below. When we click through we should land on what you want the audience to see in your work — if your part is text, it’s just the text, if your part is audio – just the audio (embedded Soundcloud, or file), video – just the video story (with audio elements of course – not a silent movie). If an info-graphic…..

You get the idea. Clearly, when these get posted to the ESAS.us site you will put them into a nice package, but right now we just need to see your work as stand-alone.

WordPress Assignment

WP assignment — this shouldn’t take you much time. When you transferred your .com to .org, your stuff should have come right along with it. There are a couple of settings to change just to make things easier. This one will also be due Sunday night, April 24 – just to be consistent.

Please simply make sure the navigation to your material is very clear — as if I was looking from the outside (because I am)!